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Are border collies jealous dogs

Border collies are very loving and loyal dogs by nature. They are known as one-person dogs. Are Border collies jealous dogs? What is the reason behind their jealousy? How to control the jealousy of the Border collie, which is leading him to aggression?

Border collies love the owner more than anything else. They are compassionate by nature. They get into separation anxiety if they don’t see their owner around for long. After this much love, Border collies become jealous dogs whenever the owner loves or cuddles with the other dog or human in front of them. They always seek the owner’s attention and perform different actions to get his attention.

Are border collies jealous dogs          

Collies are jealous dogs. They get jealous very easily due to their extraordinary love for the owner. Border collies are one-person dogs and want their owner to love them back as they love them. They are compassionate by nature, which means they get emotional very fast if they ignore them and love some other dog or even a human in front of them. You can easily spot the aggression and big change in your Border collie’s behaviour after ignoring him or loving someone else and making him jealous.

Why Border collies are jealous dogs

Border collies love their owner more than anything else in their lives. Border collies are susceptible to dogs. They get their feelings hurt very easily. This is the reason behind their jealousy. Collies are jealous dogs and get jealous whenever they see their owner loving or getting close to something else instead of them.

Border collies getting jealous of a human baby:

Border collies are very kind and gentle with the babies. Due to their protective nature, they are always ready to protect the babies, but they are attention seekers. If an owner holds his baby into the lap, Border collies act like jealous dogs and start demanding attention from the owner. They are one-person dogs, so they want their owner’s full attention.

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How to control Border collie’s jealous reaction

Border collies are jealous dogs. They get jealous very easily and always seek the owner’s attention. Border collies are one-person dogs. Whenever your Border collie gets jealous and jumps up to get into your lap to get attention and love, tell him to sit down. Teach him the command to sit down and use it whenever he behaves in this way. Don’t forget to give a treat to your Border collie on obeying your commands.

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Fight due to the jealousy

If you are having 2 Border collies, you will notice that your Border collies are jealous dogs. Your one Border collie will get jealous whenever he sees you loving or cuddling with the other dog. Sometimes they get into a fight. Later you find out that the reason behind their fight was to get your attention and love.


Border collies are loving and protective dogs by nature. Their love for the owner is limitless. Border collies are jealous dogs and get jealous whenever the owner something else more than them. Your Border collie may start performing different actions like dancing or jumping up to get into your lap. The reason behind these actions is to get the owner’s attention. They sometimes get into separation anxiety if they don’t get the owner’s attention for a while period.

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