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Can two male Border Collies live together

Two male border collie dogs

Border collies are very famously known as family dogs. If an owner is interested in having two Border collies, is this possible? Which is better, male or female Border collie? What if I pet two male Border collies? Can this be possible? What are the difficulties and reasons behind having two Border collies?

Two male Border collies can live together, but there are a lot of difficulties behind it. If you would be lucky, then your male collies may become friends, but in most cases, they become unhappy with each other and always try to be the best in front of the owner.

Can two male Border Collies live together?

It won’t be wrong if you say it is impossible to pet two male Border collies at once. They will always come out fighting with each other, which would be a problem for you. Border collies are very aggressive in frustration and may break your furniture while fighting. Some possible and major reasons behind the fighting of two male collies will be described below.

Jealousy Between two male Border collies

Border collies get jealous of each other. It doesn’t matter if they are two male or female Border collies living together. They will get jealous of each other and will always try to be the owner’s favorite dog. Both Border collies love the owner and get jealous if one sees the owner loving the other collie dog. Border collies are susceptible dogs, so they get their feelings hurt very easily. They become aggressive and frustrated with anxiety.

Fighting between two male Border collies

If you pet two male collies and live together, i.e., you allow an open fight of dogs at your home. If you think they won’t get a chance or a reason to fight, then you are wrong. Border collies are one-person dogs. They are attached to one person (owner) and always seek the owner’s attention and love only toward themselves.

Food management

You need to make food management of your male Border collies if they are living together. You cannot feed them at the same time as they would start fighting with each other. It doesn’t matter how much friendly your Border collies are; they will surely fight when it comes to food.


Border collies never let anyone else touch or play with their toys. If a Border collie saw the other male Border collie playing with the toy, he will fight to get it back, which is a big problem for you as an owner.

Owners’ love and affection

Border collies are one-person dogs. They want the attention, love, and time of the owner. If a Border collie saw an owner loving and giving time to the other Border collie, he would get jealous and do something bad to get the owner’s attention.

Leader of the pack

Two Border collies living together is a bad idea. A Border collie will always try to be the pack leader and would like to rule over the other male collies. Two male collies will always end up fighting with each other to try to be the pack leader.


It is not easy to pet two male collies as it is like welcoming a problem directly into your house. Two male Border collies living together will always end up fighting over something causing breaking your furniture. It is recommended to pet a single Border collie, but if you are interested in getting the other one, go for a female instead of another male Border collie.

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