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Why does my border collie cry

Do Border collies cry?

Border collies are known as the most intelligent and energetic dogs. They can control the whole pack of sheep just by staring at them. If they are that much active, then why does my Border collie cry? What is the reason behind his crying? How to make my Border collie stop whining?

Border collies make different sounds in trying to say something to the owner. They are very emotional and also start crying and whining in happiness like sensitive humans. Border collies cry whenever they need something badly. It includes the love, care, affection, and time of the owner mostly. It is also possible that your Border collie is missing his companion, who maybe died.

Why does my border collie cry?

Whenever a Border collie misses something or seeks the owner’s attention, he starts crying. Border collie cries to show his feelings and also what is bothering him. Border collies cry and whine as humans cry. Sometimes, Border collies whine is some pain he is feeling or something else that is disturbing them. Make your Border collie sick, hurt, or disturbed by something you have done. It is not easy to stop the whining and crying of a Border collie later. It must be done during his training.

Border collie cry when misses their owner:

Border collies are one-person dogs. They are very affectionate and loving toward the owner. Border collies are very sensitive and get their feelings hurt very easily. Border collies sometimes cry if they don’t see the owner around for long. Your dog isn’t prepared for your long absences, which must also be trained during his training session.

Border collie cries to get owner’s attention:

Border collies also cry to get the owner’s attention. They are also jealous dogs due to their affection and attachment to their owner. If a Border collie sees the owner giving attention to something else instead of him, he will start crying and whining to get the owner’s attention.

Missing companion or something close:

It is also possible that your Border collie is crying after losing some toy or his companion who was very close to him. As mentioned above, Border collies are very sensitive, so they get emotional very fast and feel things deeply.

Sick or any other pain:

Border collies cry if they are in pain or something is hurting them. Your Border collie may also cry because of sickness and illness. If you feel he is going through any hurt or disease, take him directly to the vet.

Separation anxiety:

Border collies get their feelings hurt very fast. They get emotional and go into separation anxiety if they don’t see the owner around for long. It is recommended to train your Border collie puppy well, so he doesn’t become a problem dog for you later.


Border collies cry in happiness as they are susceptible dogs. Sickness could also be the reason behind your Border collies whining. They also cry in pain, hurt, or are disturbed by something done by the owner. Border collies are very loving and affectionate dogs. They start crying whenever they miss the owner in his absence.

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