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How much do border collies weight

Normally you see a Border collie’s weight at any farm is normal. In 10 out of 100 Border collies are fat. There is a reason behind their obesity and gain of weight, which will also be discussed below in detail. Similarly, the reason for their skinny skin will be discussed in detail too. 

Border collies are herding dogs. After 18 months collies’ weight reaches its full limit. Similarly, they are considered as mature when they are close to 24 months. They are made for the herding of livestock. Border collies are one of the most activist dog breeds. Male Border collie’s weight is in the range of 14 to 20 kg whereas female Border collie’s weight is between 12 to 19 kg. If your Border collie’s weight is more than average but he is good at moving, and running, and is an active dog. You don’t need to worry about his weight problem. A working Border collie never gains weight or goes through any disease later due to weight gain.

How much do border collies weigh?

Active Border collies are normally lean. Some Border Collies are naturally skinny and carry low weight; you don’t need to worry about their physique unless they show some symptoms of any physical disease. If you see your collie’s weight is average and you can feel your Border collie’s ribs by hand although you can’t see them, then your Border collie is in good shape. An important thing to notice is your Border collie’s waist should be visible or he has gained weight.

If Border collies of 3 to 7 years old sleep usually more as compared to adult Border collies then there is an undetected health issue. Adult Border collie sleeps 14 to 16 hours a day. You will always have doubts about collies’ weight before buying. You may think a collie puppy is skinny, maybe he is suffering from a disease. It is recommended to find a good breeder always who can show you the health clearances of both the puppy and parents. Clearances will prove that the puppy is in good condition and has been tested and proven clear from all diseases.

If your collies’ weight is less but health is stable, he is active but still, you think he is very skinny and carries less weight, it is recommended then to give him daily exercise, as he may need more muscles. Daily exercise and hard work would bring a lot of change in your Border collie’s weight and muscles.

Should my skinny collies’ weight be gained?

Border collies are full-coated also known as rough collies, also framed for their double coats. Due to the large coat of the Border collie, it is not easy to check your Border collie’s condition and whether he is underweight or overweight.

So to check this, you need to put your hands on the ribs and spine of your Border collie.

If you feel no fat on these bones and even these are also visible through the coat, then you should worry about your collies’ weight and health and he needs to gain weight to maintain his health.

Border collies will never get tired or try to slow down nor would try to take rest while working. Due to their herding behavior, these dogs are naturally skinny and do not carry more weight.

And on the other hand, if your hands don’t discern ribs because a lot of fat is covering your Border collies spine and ribs then your Border collies weight should be decreased.

Difference between over and under collies’ weight:

By an experiment, it is proved that the coat of overweight Border collies is grossly oily. Due to some reasons, it has been felt that the fur on chunky dogs doesn’t lie right against the body but tends to be less clean than usual.

Whereas on the underweight Border collies, the coat is a little dry and dull always. Their eyes are also dull and dry and all these dogs come from abusive situations. These underweight Border collies also sleep a lot.

How to increase your Border collie’s weight?

If you are interested in increasing your Border collies weight and think he is too skinny then you should shift to raw feeding. It is recommended and also suggested by the vet to feed one raw chicken thigh once a week than a good run. This will bulk your Border collie up and also not go too fat.

Increase your dog’s daily ratio to get some weight. If there is a need to gain more pounds then it is suggested to give your Border collie a high-calorie canned food along with the daily ration.

Canned puppy formulas contain more calories than food compared to adult food. You need to be very careful before changing the amount of your daily ration. It should take one to two weeks otherwise changing directly could cause stomachache and other problems to your Border collie.

Normal weight, height, and age of average Border:

The average weight of a male Border collie should be between 14 to 20 kg. If a male Border collies weight is outside this range, then you need to bring his weight within this range to keep him healthy and fit.

Similarly, a female border collie’s weight should be between 12 to 19 kg. Weight lies outside this range and may cause physical and other health diseases.

The average life span of a Border collie lies between 10 to 17 years depending upon the health condition. An adult Border collie’s height should lie 48 to 56 cm and similarly female Border collie’s height lies between 46 to 53 cm.

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Why do Border collies weight loss?

There is always a reason behind your Border collies’ weight loss. Border collie’s weight decreases or doesn’t get weight while suffering from painful orthopedic such as arthritis and hip dysplasia. It affects your Border collies appetite.

Border collies also suffer from cancer and colitis. According to the Collie Health Foundation, these diseases cause a decrease in appetite.

Proper feeding to maintain collies’ weight:

Border collie needs between 1,353 to 1,740 calories. In many cases Border collies eat a lot like other average dogs but are still skinny; this is because they burn all the calories and energy in their daily exercise so it becomes difficult to keep weight on by young Border collies. Border collies like these are healthy and live long as compared to other Border collies.

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How many calories should Border collie daily need to maintain weight?

Border collies are very active and burn a lot of calories a day. But in many cases, owners don’t take their Border collies on a walk daily so Border collies develop health issues.

Border collies also develop health issues due to poor nutrition. According to the National Research Council of the National Academies, inactive adult Border collie needs 989 to 1,272 calories of nutritionally complete per day with also a good balanced proper dog food whereas active Border collies need 1,353 to 1,740 calories daily.

How do Border collies get obese and gain weight?

Obesity in Border collies is defined as the collection of body fat 20 percent more than the ideal body weight. They get fat on their spine, thorax, even on their tail, neck, and upon their legs which makes it difficulties in running fast. It is the responsibility of the owner to maintain his Border collies weight if he wants his Border collie to live longer.

Border collies usually also get obese genetically. Thyroid glands and illness are most of the time responsible for the obesity of your Border collie. Border collies gain weight is a very serious issue as it takes your Border collie toward other physical diseases.

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How to prevent obesity and the extra weight of Border collies?

Border collies gain extra weight if they eat regularly but start missing the exercise section. Missing exercise leads to obesity. It is recommended to take your Border collie to the vet before bringing any change to his feeding time. It is also possible that your dog’s Border collies weight is increasing due to any disease. 

You should stop feeding table scraps to your Border collie as they are very high in fats. Make sure you are providing more natural food to your Border collie It is better and also recommended to prevent obesity than going after a cure. It is important to make sure your Border collie is taking exercise regularly and even more exercise when you have time to maintain your collies’ weight.

It is suggested to divide your Border collie’s daily food into two parts instead of feeding once a big meal. Feeding guidelines given on the package of food are for average dogs. You need to adjust the amount which suits best to your Border collie according to his health and body condition.

Final words:

In all, you don’t need to worry about your Border collie’s weight. Just keep on taking him on exercise daily. Similarly taking your Border collie on exercise daily would keep him healthy, and active, and maintain his weight. If anyone at the park or any other dog owner says ‘your Border collie is too tiny and skinny’ just finish the discussion by saying ‘I wish I could be skinny too to run along with my Border collie’. 

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