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Do Border Collies need another dog

Owners usually ask this question does Border collies need another dog? Will they get comfortable if I bring a new dog at home? How dangerous it could be? or will it be beneficial? Owners start thinking about bringing another dog as soon as their Border collie gets old.

Border collies don’t need another dog. They are herding dogs. Due to herding behavior, they get irritated by the other dogs and animals because of the herding of livestock. Border collies are one-person dogs. All Border collies need is the time, attention, and love of their owner. If you pet a Border collie at home but are interested in bringing another Border collie to keep your old Border collie busy.  You should make sure that your old Border collie likes to be in the pack and doesn’t get irritated by the other dogs. Otherwise, the results would be different.

Do Border Collies need another dog?

Border collies don’t need another dog or a companion, but if the owner is interested in bringing another dog for his old Border collie then you should keep some important points in mind before bringing another Border collie at home.

  • Before bringing another Border collie, you should know well whether your old Border collie gets to adjust to the new one or not. If they did not adjust they will start fighting daily. Both will try to be the leader which will result in problems for you.
  • You should be very careful before bringing another Border collie; Border collies need attention, daily exercise, and love from their owner. They get aggressive and frustrated if they don’t get the love of their owner. Make sure you will have a proper time to give your dogs later.
  • Buying another Border collie will cost and take time more than before.
  • Training your new dog will also take a lot of your time, so it is better to give your maximum time to one Border collie and keep him happy all the time.

Which dog owner should bring for a Border collie?

If you are interested and sure about bringing another dog at home then keep in mind that the new dog should also have as much energy as your old Border collie. Border collies are workaholics and so an energetic workaholic dog can also match their energy. You should consider one of the American Kennel Club (AKC) herding group breeds.

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A border collie is best for another Border collie but if they did not adjust it would cause a lot of problems for you. It’s better to leave them at the training center for a week so they adjust and don’t overreact to the other dogs. There are different 25 herding group breeds but not all of them love to chase and run behind sheep-like Border collies.

If you want to pet a breed other than Border collie with your older collie then down is the list of the dog breeds that match Border collie’s drive and size:

Reasons behind getting another dog:

There are different reasons behind getting another Border collie, although it is hard because it will consume more time and effort. Sometimes the reason behind getting another Border collie is to company your older border collie.

Most people also bring another Border collie home as the old one is getting older. But, before bringing another dog keep in mind that Border collies are one-person dogs.

It would become a problem for the owner later to pet another Border collie with the old one but in most cases owners got success and Border collies are settled and happy with each other.

Problems you could face while having two Border collies:

Having two Border collies at the same time at home is very difficult for the owner. It would take a lot of your time to give time to your Border collies separately because Border collies are one-person dogs.

It is important to make sure that according to your Border collies, you are their leader and master and they are dependent upon you. Be careful that they don’t depend on each other or it would make problems. In most cases, Border collies start fighting to get the leadership of the pack.

It is important to have separate walks until they learn the basics of walking. If your dog has any kind of history of fighting with other dogs then it may not be a good idea to bring another dog at home.

If your first dog acts aggressively and you are thinking of bringing another dog will lower separation anxiety then you may be wrong. In many cases, the second dog adopts bad habits from the first dog which makes things worse.

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Advantages of having another dog:

The most important advantage of having another dog at home is they would provide great company to each other while in your absence.

They would also provide each other with much of the daily exercise.

It would also give them social interaction with the same species daily.

Recommendations while introducing BC to another dog:

The first basic point and tip is the right time for bringing another dog home.

It is recommended by the experts that you should at least spend 2 years with your first Border collie and then bring the second one at home. This is because it would provide a lot of time for your first Border collie to build itself and establish itself in the family. Moreover, he would get training at this time and won’t cause trouble later.

This also won’t cause you as much money as it would while having two young Border collies or other dogs of the same age at the same time. It would become very expensive because of its food and other medical needs.

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It is recommended to have two Border collies of a different gender.

Border collies of the same gender especially two females would always fight to get the position of leader in the pack.

It is better to feed your Border collies separately. As this would not cause a fight over food. Dogs are very possessive in the case of food. Most people feed their dogs at the same time as their dogs know the rules and understand them very well.

Does a Border collie get jealous of another dog?

Border collies get jealous if you start paying your attention and their time to another dog. Usually, they don’t get aggressive in jealousy. They start doing things to get your attention toward them. They also get jealous of toys. A thug of war upon toys may also start to get a toy.

Mostly they also get jealous of food which is the worst case. Always keep in mind you are their leader and the Alpha dog so always keep them under commands.

If you have feared that your old bolder collie is aggressive toward the new dog. There are chances of biting and he does not get comfortable. It is recommended to call a trainer as soon as possible and get a solution to the situation.

Final words:

Border collies usually don’t like being around other dogs. This is because they were selectively bred with herding animals. So Border collie acts aggressively toward animals by considering them as a threat to the herd. It’s in their nature that can be changed by training. There is no doubt that Border collies are very friendly and very sharp at learning new things. But, if the owner is interested in bringing another dog then after some training of both dogs, it is possible to keep them together.

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