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Do bearded collies smell? Grooming and Behavior

Border collies are loving family dogs with very good behavior towards the owner and its family. So, if you are thinking about pet a Border collie then the first question which would come to your mind would be regarding the smell of collies and their grooming. Do bearded collies smell?  Do bearded collies smell bad? Can we shave bearded collies? Are bearded collies’ bad dogs?

Border collies smell or not shouldn’t be the question here in the owner’s mind. The first thing should be can you take care of the medical and grooming expenses of your bearded collies or not. If you can take care of a bearded border collie and can give your collie dog plenty of time then the answer is NO. Bearded collies don’t smell bad like the other dog breeds. They do have long hairs and make themselves dirty by playing in the dirt and back in the yard but it can be avoided by just placing them underwater for a couple of minutes without using the soap.

Do bearded collies smell?

In general, bearded collies don’t have a strong odor, bathing should be necessary only when collies roll themselves with mud or something dirty and wet. As a whole, bearded collies have a small chance of bad smell. The smell of bearded collies also depends upon how you treat them for their grooming on regular basis. If you don’t treat them well, they can be messy very easily because of their long hair. Bearded collies need special attention. Also taking care of bearded collies is time-consuming and requires excellent grooming skills. Bearded collies shed above average. For bearded collies, vacuum cleaning may be a good choice to keep them neat and clean. A foul odor can also be caused by a poor diet which may lead to yeast infections. Also, inflammation to the skin can be caused by seasonal or food allergies leading to a nasty smell.

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Smelling habit and bearded collies smell:

Resembling all other dog breeds, bearded collies have a noticeable sense of smell. How far Bearded collies can smell depends upon the nature of the environment and conditions. As the name “bearded” shows they have long hair but it does not have any type of effect on their sense of smell. Bearded collies can also sense fear and anxiety through their noses. This sense of smell in bearded collies makes them the right choice to be a good companion.

Like all other dogs, the sense of smelling in bearded collies is because of the adrenaline, a flight hormone, which others release and bearded collies detect through their nose and use. Collies have a habit of sniffing almost everything. It is as simple as humans use their eyes to visualize around, the same way collies use their noses to be familiar with things. The wet nose of bearded collies helps them to amplify the sense of smell. Even deaf dogs live better this way.

Can we shave bearded collies?

 Bearded collies have long hair and can be messy very easily because of difficulty to manage. To keep them in good shape and condition some may shave their collies. While shaving bearded collies, just keep in mind the length of hair you are going to trim is fairly enough for them. In this way, bearded collies’ smell can also be avoided. The hair of bearded collies is the only protection they have to keep themselves safe from outer temperature including UV rays. Shaving of bearded collies can also result in skin damage and permanent bald spots.

You should remove the mats and tangles from the fur of your Border collie dog. It is recommended to use one of these given hair removes to gain more efficiency. Hair remover, mats, and tangles remover

A little trim or shave is ok—one that figures up the edges of your pup’s coat and gave him a glimpse look. Bearded collies should never be shaved as it can alter the way how it grows. The best thing to keep the bearded collies cool is thorough brushing. Shedding occurs more randomly in border collies; some may shave their collies to stop shedding but shedding is a natural process. So, shaving the bearded collies has zero effect upon shedding.

Are bearded collies bad dogs?

In Common, Bearded collies don’t show any type of aggressiveness. Usually, they are hardy and energetic. Sometimes silly but smart. As grooming requirements lessons start sometimes raising body temperature and a little hectic routine creates stubbornness leading towards aggressiveness in bearded collies. Behind their cuteness and sweet nature there lies an independent and athletic collie. Bearded collies love to give kisses besides what the temperament is. It cant be done if bearded collies smell so it is important to take care of the hygiene of your dog to avoid smelling.

For families with older children, who can withstand its bouncy nature, a bearded collie would be a better choice because sometimes they show a little rambunctiousness towards small kids. A bearded collie loves to be the center of attention. They learn very quickly. Might be a good four legs companion for a lonely person. Bearded collies are very stable and self-confident, even they can welcome visitors’ arrival. Coat of bearded collies goes under the special condition when they are feeling bored.

Bathing and smelling of a bearded collie:

Thoroughly bathing and brushing helps a lot to keep them cool. Bearded collies need special attention and their grooming requires proper skills. Vacuum cleaning is a good choice to avoid odor. It will also keep bearded collies to stay safe from the smell. Some people may shave their collies to get rid of shedding but shaving doesn’t have any impact upon shedding. Instead, it can alter the way of how hair grows. Proper trimming unless bearded collies got enough sharp edges will be ok. Bearded collies are energetic and smart but sometimes getting bored in their hectic routine produces a little aggressiveness in them. Bearded collies being unpleasant to small kids would be a better choice for a family with older kids or a lonely person. They are smart enough to welcome the visitors and loves to be the center of attention.

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Quick Cessation

Bearded collies have a good sense of smell depending upon the nature of the environment and conditions. Through their sense of smell, they can identify fear and anxiety. They like to sniff almost everything. Wetness upon their nose helps them to enhance their sense of smell. This skill is really helpful in the case of deaf collies. Bearded collies have a little chance of bad odor.

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