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Is it OK to cut a border collies hair

Border collies are working man’s dogs. They are herding dogs by nature, so due to their herding behaviour and hours of work, they don’t have the time to salon or needs to be shaved. So the most common questions asked by the owners mostly are ‘it is ok to cut a Border collies hair?’ How much hair should I cut off my Border collie? Why shouldn’t I shave my Border collie completely for summers?

It is ok to cut Border collies hair, but shaving collies’ hair completely could be bad. Border collies are double-coated dogs. These coats act as protection in both summer and winter for them. Shaving or cutting their hair completely means removing your collies’ protection. There is no need for it. It is completely unnecessary to cut Border collies hair because they do shed in spring. Shedding in springs removes all extra weak hairs from them. It is ok to cut collies hair to maintain his shape and keep him groomed.

Is it OK to cut a border collies hair?

It is ok to cut collies hair to maintain its shape but cutting hair completely is not good for your collie dog. Border collies are double-coated; these coats protect them in both heat and cold so if you cut your collies hair or shave him, it means you have removed your collies’ protection against hot and cold weather.

How much hair should I cut off of my collie?

First of all, it is not recommended to cut your Border collies hair. But if you are willing to cut your collies hair to maintain his shape and keep him groomed, it is recommended not to do this at home. If you are doing this at home, you must be careful in cutting your collie’s hair, so it doesn’t affect their protective coat.

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Why shouldn’t I cut my collies hair?

It would be best if you didn’t cut or shave your collies’ hair. Their double coat protects them against heat and cold. If you cut your collies hair, sunrays will hit directly on the skin of your collie, which could cause skin infections as well as skin cancer. Those ultraviolet rays of the sun are hazardous for your Border collie. Moreover cutting or shaving Border collies’ hair would cause the hairs to grow in the matted form. Grown hairs would be patchy and uneven, which is more disturbing for you as an owner.

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Quick cessation

It is ok to cut your border collies hair to maintain its shape, but you need to be very careful because shaving or cutting complete hairs would remove your border collie’s protective coat. Removing the coat of Border collies is very dangerous for them as it protects them against the heat and the cold.

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