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How do I make my Border Collie happy?

Happy Border collie

Making my border collie happy is never an easy task. If You are thinking about bringing home a border collies puppy and you don’t know what you do to keep them happy. They were bred to be tough and playful, but what makes them happiest is giving you hugs and kisses. The dog may be very happy in the shelter but as soon as he is out of the shelter, he will be living with you and his needs would change drastically. So how should you put your new puppy at ease? Did you know how to make your border collie happy? I know it’s a difficult task sometimes because they are very active dogs.

They need lots of exercise, fun daily activities, and interactions with their family. However, Border Collies still can make great pets if you take care of them properly. Read this article and find out the creative ways to entertain your border collie. I’ll show you some easy tricks that anyone can use to add more joy and happiness into your life with your dog.

4 Creative Ways to Make Your Border Collie Happy

There are four creative ways to entertain your Border Collie. The first thing is to make sure that he gets enough exercise. And the second is to make sure that his environment is balanced. You should have a dog who loves running around or swimming and this will help them burn off energy. You also need to keep their bedding surface clean because if it gets dirty it can cause infections in dogs’ skin which leads to dryness and dandruff. In the below paragraphs, we write 4 different ways to entertain your border collie including some home activities like playing with any toy, when going outside is impossible. During this period, you can make your border collie happy with indoor activities.

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Scatter Feeding and Toy Stuffing for happiness

Scatter feeding and toy stuffing are excellent for mental stimulation, they also Make my border collie happy. In scatter feeding, you have to start with placing a dry kibble or some treats into a toy keeper and letting them try to get it out. This will keep them busy for a while and they’ll be happy that they’re making progress. It is important not to give your pet too much at once, so we recommend starting with just one or two pieces of kibble. If they cannot get it out after five minutes or so, move on to another toy dispenser and try again. You can always continue giving them more pieces of kibble or treats as they learn how to get them out!

For toy stuffing, use different-sized toys so that they can get their hands in there and have fun. You might also put the stuffed toys in different locations around the house to encourage movement and exploration. In, different ways you can use these toys as a reward when your collie shows good behavior.

Agility and Training to get your collie happy

Border Collies are known for their tenacity, which means they can run for miles without tiring. If you want your dog to be able to go longer and farther in agility trials, then agility training is a must. Agility training is a great way to not only burn off access energy but also teach your border collie invaluable obedience skills while helping to keep them entertained. Border collies are natural athletes and love to run, jump, and play. However, with their long-haired coats, they can get overheated quickly in the summertime. Agility training is a great way to not only burn off access energy but also teach your border collie invaluable obedience skills while helping to keep them entertained. There are many Creative ways to entertain your border collie, here is an agility course that is an excellent source for making my border collie happy.

Agility Courses

Multiple agility courses can be followed to improve the agility of your dog. The most common and popular agility course is known as a “figure 8.” You will have several jumps in different directions with obstacles like tunnels, jumps over poles or tires, and obstacles that require your dog to weave through.

There are also “freestyle” courses where you will be jumping over cones instead of poles or tires. Both figure 8s and freestyle courses can be used for both dogs and cats as well as puppies who may not be ready for jumping yet!

Fetch and Flying Disc

Teaching your border collie to play fetch is simple and easy to learn, it’s just a case of good recall and dropping it. This game makes my border collie happy and it is also healthy for the physical and mental stimulation of your collie dog.

You need to start with a toy that the dog will like, put it in the grass or on a table, and let them sniff it. You should do this every day for a week or so until they get used to the smell of the toy. You can then start throwing it out of reach or putting some treats on top of it. After doing this for a few days your dog will have learned to bring back their toy when they see you throw one.

The next step is to take away the treats and make sure they don’t get distracted while they’re playing with their toy. You should offer your dog a treat, each time it brings back the toy. After a few days of this, you should be able to tell when your dog brought back their toy because you will stop calling them over immediately once they have brought it back. The final step is teaching them how much fun it is for them if they bring back more than one toy at once.

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Keep Toys in Rotation

One way to beat the boredom and to make my border collie happy with their toys is to adopt a toy-in routine. This strategy allows you to rotate toys throughout the day, which keeps your dog interested. This strategy can also be used to help them not get bored with the same toys all the time.

This means that you need to try out new toys every few weeks, so that they have something new to play with, and it also allows them to see what they like, which will allow you to better choose the right toy for them in the future.

A toy in the rotation will help keep your dog’s attention while they are out of the house. Most dogs aren’t interested in playing with just one toy at a time, so this will allow you to rotate between various types of toys so that your border collie always has something new to play with. This will ensure that your dog always has something new and exciting to play with, which will keep their minds engaged as well as their muscles working.


We hope that these 4 creative ways to entertain your border collie are very helpful for you and your dog. These dogs are very intelligent and creative. They care too much about their owner. It is important to remember that our border collie’s happiness depends on us and it is especially important for us to do something special for them. While playtime is more joyful for them and it only happens when they play with their loved ones. They will love you more than you can imagine and it will be worth your while to make them happy. If you follow this article and the tips given, it will be simple to keep your border collie happy regardless of the situation.

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