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How much should a 6 month old border collie sleep?

A 6 months old Border collie puppy has approximately grown 70 to 75% of its adult body weight. These puppies get mature and move towards the adult category at this age. A 10 to 15 months old collie puppy is completely grown into an adult puppy. Moreover, a 6 months old border collie puppy has the ability to hold urine and is keen on all the senses. Now the question in your mind would be that how much should a 6 month old border collie sleep? Why my 6 month old border collie sleep all the time? Is it good for my 6 month old to sleep all day?

A 6 month old border collie sleeps approximately 15 to 18 hours a day. sleeping this much for a 6 month old border collie is its need. These puppies are at their growing age so their developing brain needs more sleep. You also need to provide your dog a proper space to sleep. This is because collies respond to the nearby activities very fast. So, it is necessary to provide your dog a proper relaxing crate to sleep otherwise the surrounding activities would keep it busy and lead to less sleep which means anxiety and aggression.

How much should a 6 month old border collie sleep?

Border collie puppies sleep usually in crates. It is because they need more relaxation and sleep than adult dogs. You will see your 6 month old border collie sleep almost all day and wonder what’s wrong with it. There is no need to worry about your collies ‘ sleeping habits. It is their requirement. You should only worry about your collie puppy if it is sleeping less than 10 hours a day. It is because these puppies are developing at this age. So, more sleep is required to become a fully developed and strong dog.

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Why should a 6 month old border collie sleep more?

Your Border collie puppy must get more sleep because of its herding nature. As these are herding dogs with high energy levels, so these dog puppies must get more exercise also to stay healthy and active. Moreover, working hard and then sleeping for hours also keeps your dog calm, healthy, active and increases its life span.

Moreover, sleeping more hours will also cause fewer troubles for you as well as for your family. Keep your dog busy in its working hours, take it to the exercise daily and make sure it releases all of its energy. In this way, it will also sleep more hours and become an ideal dog puppy for you.

How to make my 6 month old collie puppy sleep more?

A 6 month old border collie puppy must sleep more in order to get the best-developed brain and growth. You must make sure that your 6 month old border collie puppy sleep more than 12 hours a day. This is the basic requirement for gaining the best intelligence and a more developed brain.

You should make sure that your collie puppy gets at least 2 to 3 hours of exercise. You could include many intelligent games for the mental growth of your puppy. This age is very crucial for these puppies because they get mature and developed properly at this age. So, it is your responsibility as an owner to take care of your collies’ requirements. Make sure your collie is getting all the required and proper daily exercise and sleeping as much it is recommended.

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A 6 month old border collie sleeps more than the small puppies and adult dogs. The reason behind it is their fast growth in this age. So, these puppies relax and eat more at this age. It is your responsibility to make sure that your 6 month old collie is getting at least 12 hours of sleep and proper daily exercise.

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