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Are Border Collies Affectionate? 13 Signs your BC Loves You

13 Signs your BC Loves You

You should know that border collies are not only smart and caring, but they are also incredibly affectionate. What many persons don’t a part of their popularity stems from their affectionate nature. Border collies enjoy the company of humans and they crave it more than other dogs. Here is What you expect once you adopt a border collies breed.

Border collies are affectionate breeds, but it’s important to know how. They will show their love by showing you how much they care about you by rubbing against your leg and face. They are also cuddling up with you on the couch, following you around the house in a constant state of happiness, and giving kisses here and there. These signs of your border collie’s affection should be taken seriously because they mean they are happy to see you and happier than usual.

How do Border Collies Show Affection?

Are Border collies affectionate dog breeds? How they show their love for the owner. Border collies show their affection by cuddling you and caring for you the most by rubbing your face and leg. They also show their affection by sitting in front of you and nudging your arm with their nose. Moreover, if they care about someone, they will jump up and put their paws on that person’s shoulders.

Border collies like to spend their time with the family, and also follow you around the house in a constant state of happiness. Border collies can be very sensitive. For example, when they feel something wrong (like an illness), they shall display the behaviors such as licking or nudging the person until they feel better.

Do Border Collies Like to Cuddle?

Border collies are very cuddly, and they are very happy when they spend time with their favorite person. It doesn’t mean that you should expect to get a lot of cuddles initially. However, it will happen when you spent more time with them together. Even after some time of love and care, you will see your border collies try to snuggle up to you.

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Why do Border Collies like to cuddle?

Are Border Collies Affectionate? Yes, they are very affectionate dog breeds that’s why they like to cuddle. They crave for human contact to show how much they care about you. It’s most important to know that border collies are very happy when they are around to whom they can attach themselves. Border Collies are by nature a pack of dogs and also want to become a member of your family pack as well as the pack of dogs if there is one for them to be a part of.

In simple words, your border collie wants to be a part of your family and will do its best to make you happy. If you want a dog who follows you everywhere and a cuddling dog then the border collie is best for you.


Warmth is a big deal for border collies, and they will do whatever it takes to near the hearth. It might start with warming your feet while you are sitting on the couch or following you into the bedroom at night.


Border collies are very affectionate and caring. They feel like they are the protectors of their pack and their owner. By cuddling with you, and then falling asleep they felt like they are watching over you.


If your border collie feels restless, it may just be looking for a way to relieve that restlessness. Cuddling with you may provide just the solution.

Are Female Border Collies more Affectionate than Males?

Surprisingly, when it comes to border collies, there is not too much difference in affectionate level between male and female border collies. Both genders are equally as likely to be affectionate, and they are just as cuddly.

If a border collie like its owner, then he or she will show the same behavior regardless of gender. There are some small differences between them. Such as female border collies like to spend more time with their family. Another difference is that male border collies typically enjoy being charged while females are more likely to offer their opinion about what’s going on.

However, these differences don’t mean that male dogs are more affectionate than female dogs.

Are Border Collies Snugglers?

Yes, Border Collies are snugglers. These border collies enjoy being in your presence and being as near you as possible. Are border collies affectionate dog breeds? Yes, they are very affectionate that’s why they enjoy human contact and crave it more than other breeds. That means they are happy to snuggle with you any chance that they get.

If you have a snuggling border collie, then you are a lucky one. This is because Border collies have a lot of affectionate to share with you while snuggling.

How Clingy Are Border Collies?

Border Collies are very clingy. They want to follow you everywhere and even lie down near where you are sitting. The reason that border collies are clingy has to do with their intelligence. Border collies are very intelligent. They are very smart and caring and they want to be near you to learn more about what’s happenings is another reason why border collies make such a great choice for families. Border collies want to be with the family and like to learn all about what’s going on during the time they spent with you.

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Do Border Collies Puppies Show Affection?

Border collie puppies’ affection is just like the affection of adult border collies. They will enjoy gentle hugs, cuddling, and playtime with you. They love to be around you and your family members, and they will often be the first to greet you in the morning.

The only time you might notice that your puppy is not affectionate is if he or she is very young. This could be due to shyness or because of an injury that has not yet healed. If this happens, make sure that you give your puppy plenty of time alone in a separate room. So they can think through their fears and learn to trust again.

How to Get Your puppy collie to Enjoy Cuddling More

Border collies wish to be hugged and cuddled by you lots. But if your dog is not comfortable with you at the start, it may take some time for them to get used to the idea.

The ‘’Nuzzle’’ Method

If your dog likes to be hugged for a brief time, try using the nuzzle method. This can be after you put your face near theirs and gently sniff their head or neck. At first, they may be not like but if you keep doing this your dog feels relaxed. They will enjoy it more and more.

Positive Reinforcement

If your dog is not a fan of your cuddling, start using positive reinforcement to encourage them to get closer. This means you use giving treats when they hug or cuddle you to encourage this behavior of collies.

Go On Long Walks Together

Long walks together are more beneficial for you and your border collie. This is also a wonderful thanks to bond along with your border collie. You’re rewarded with their happiness and more cuddles.

Why Is My Border Collie Avoiding Affection?

There are many reasons why a border collie might avoid affection. Such as:

If you have an older dog, there will be a chance that he might avoid affection. Try to spend more time with him and give him treats this will help your collie to come closer to you.

Anxiety is another reason, because if your border collie is anxious, he may be more cautious with you and avoid affection as a result.

If you feel your border collie got depressed, you want to take your dog veterinarian. A depressive border collie may also be more likely to avoid affection.

Socialization is a key for the border collie. They need to be around other dogs and persons regularly so that they learn the appropriate social skills.

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13 Signs Your Border Collies Love You

When a border collie loves you, he will show it in different ways.

  1. Constant Eye Contact With You

Eye contact with their beloved person is a way for border collies to express their feelings. If your dog is staring at you even when you are doing something else, it means that you are important in his life.

  1. He Licks You

One of the best ways to tell if your dog loves you is by how much he licks you. If your dog loves you, he will lick your face, neck, and hands when you are down. He will also lick you when he is happy and excited. Whether that means giving you a big hug or running around a room after you for no reason.

  1. He Jumps Into Your Lap, Sits Next To You, Or Leans On You

When border collie want to show his affection he jumps into your legs or lap and sits near to you.

  1. He Covers You With His Body

If you are trying to get in the car, he may get in front of the door so that he can prevent you from opening it. This type of behavior of border collie is not meant that he is aggressive. They are simply a way for this breed of dog to show affection without being invasive.

  1. He Acts Excited When You Return Home

If your border collie got excited when you return home, it shows their love and affection for you. It means that your border collies love you and enjoy the time that you spent together.

  1. He Brings You Gifts

Border collies like to play with different objects as both a means of entertainment and as a way to bond with their favorite person. If your dog gives you things as a gift it shows their love for you.

  1. He Acts Submissive When You Scold Him

Border collies are known for being very smart and stubborn. When you scold your border collie, he may think you’re trying to control him or make him do something he doesn’t want to do.

If you are looking for a submissive border collie, you might consider using treats and praise instead of scolding as an approach. Treats and praise can help distract your dog from other negative feelings like frustration or embarrassment that come with being scolded.

  1. Follows You Everywhere

If your border collie follows you everywhere, even when it is the time to rest. It shows his love for you and he doesn’t want you to be alone. This not only shows his affection for you, but he also respects you and values your relationship with him.

  1. He Looks At You Like You Are His Whole World

A border collie is a great dog to have in your life. He’s smart, loyal, and loving. You’ll probably want to spend lots of time with him because he’s always there for you. But don’t let his looks fool you. He’s not just a pretty face; he’s got a heart of gold.

  1. He Acts Submission When You Pet Him

Border collie acts submissive when you pet him which shows his affection for you.

  1. Laying In a Vulnerable Position Around You

Border collies are very intelligent dogs with a lot of natural intelligence, but they can also be quite stubborn. This means that if something isn’t working out for them or they are experiencing pain, they may not be able to tell you. He is want to sit around you in this condition because he knows that you won’t hurt him.

  1. He Relaxes When You Touch Him

If your border collie feels relaxed when you touch him. It shows that he loves being around you and being affectionate with you.

  1. Excited To See You In The Morning

If your border collie got excited to see you in the morning. It shows his affection for their owner and is excited to see him or her at the start of the day.


Border collies are affectionate dogs, and they are very good friends to their owners. If you have a border collie by your side, these 13 signs will probably sound familiar, including cuddling after a stressful day, and vocalizing with excited noises when you walk in the door. If you’re considering adopting one, or already have one, keep in mind that he needs companionship and attention from you to be happy. He will reward you for your good behavior with a lot of love and devotion. Border collies enjoy being with their family, and they enjoyed it more if you have children in your house. They are always on the go, but they will be right there with you as long as you invite them.

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