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Border collie sleeping habits complete guide

Apart from being the most energetic dog breed with herding traits, border collies also require a minimum of 12 hours of daily sleep.

Border collies love to sleep to restore their energy levels. Border collies can stay away for long if they are provided with an intense and long task or herding for some extra hours. Also, the question asked in the community of the border collies is where border collies should sleep? In the past, dog owners would let their collie dogs sleep in the barns at the farm. But, the situation is different nowadays as most people are having border collies as family dogs.

In this article, we are going to give you a complete guide on border collie sleeping habits. Read this article completely, so at the end, you will know where, when and how long your border collie should sleep. What are the sleeping habits of the border collie dogs?

Border collie sleeping habits complete guide

Border collies are very active dogs with plenty of energy to cover miles without getting tired. They love to exercise and push their muscles all the time. But, at the same time, they also like to sleep half of the day. You will notice your border collie just playing or just sleeping.

Most border collies don’t sleep a lot like other normal dogs. There is nothing to fear about. Border collies can stay up all day without a single nap. This is best defining their breed as they are the herding and very hard-working dogs by nature. They are very good at performing tasks that require attention and complete dedication.

Border collie puppies sleeping habit

Collie puppies love to sleep when they are very young. A collie puppy under 12 weeks sleeps 18 to 20 hours a day. Like any other human baby, border collie puppies also sleep all day. Collie puppies are in their development of bones and immune systems under this age. So, it is also very necessary to provide a peaceful environment for your collie puppy to sleep enough.

The world is an existing place for everyone as well as for border collies. They love to burn all of their energy and don’t pay enough attention to their biological cycle. As collie puppies are growing age, try to provide them with toys to play with or to chew. Through this, your collie puppy will not wander around and would play with toys inside the room.

The older a collie puppy grows, the less it sleeps. So don’t worry about any type of change in the sleeping habit of your border collie unless it is a fast major change.

Why exercise is important before going to sleep for a border collie

It is important to take your border collie dog on a walk or play in the yard before going to sleep. It will burn up the energy of your dog and it will sleep immediately. Also, make sure to provide an easy environment and a comfortable bed for your dog to sleep.

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How does Lavender calm down Border collies?

Research has shown that the lavender diffuser or potpourri lavender calms down border collies. This could help your dog in sleeping fast, calm, and peacefully. It is better to use the lavender diffuser near your border collie bed to comfort your dog. But, keep in mind that dogs can smell a thousand times better than humans. So, make sure that the smell isn’t too strong otherwise it could irritate your border collie dog.

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Where should my Border collie sleep?

Border collies love to stay outside. They can also sleep outside if the weather is not too strong which means not so cold or so hot. Back in the days, border collies at farms would sleep anywhere in the barns. But now, collies have become the family members and they cannot stay outside for long. They love to be in between the family members.

You cannot let your collie sleep outside in winter as it is dangerous for their health. No doubt, Border collies can tolerate hot as well as cold weather. But, caution is also recommended than having grief later. So, keep your dog inside while sleeping.

Why 12 to 14 hours of sleep is important for my Border collie?

While discussing the border collie’s sleeping habits, you must also know that your collie should be sleeping 12 hours minimum in a day. There are many positive effects of complete sleep on your border collie’s health.

Enough sleep is necessary for your dog as it repairs them physically and repairs them. Moreover, Border collies are also very intelligent dogs. Therefore, they need proper sleep which can mentally stimulate them. Sleeping enough also improves the concentration of your dog.

Sleeping comfortably at night also improves the speed and reaction time of the dog. A lack of proper sleep could lead your border collie dog to act badly and show poor social interaction. It will also stay low all day and will feel depressed.

Best Place to sleep for a family Border collie dog

It is important to under the border collie sleeping habits to schedule the sleep timings of your border collie dog. Most vets recommend buying a proper and comfortable dog bed. As, it will help your dog to relax properly and complete the required sleep. Moreover, your dog will also understand that its time to sleep whenever you will ask him to go to the bed.

What is the important skill to teach my border collie puppy?

It is necessary to teach a Relax skill to your border collie. Just like all the other skills like sitting, standing up, going, and fetching, relaxation skill is also very important to teach. This will help you keep your dog relaxed after the hard exercise and similar situations. You can teach this skill easily. Find your collie puppy in calmness and spend some time during calmness with your dog. Love him and give him enough treats. In this way, the dog will understand the point.

How to calm down my Border collie? Easy guide

Teach your border collie to lie down skill. Once you are done with it then say yes as a positive sign and offer a treat to your dog. Then, keep your dog on hold for 10 seconds and again offer another treat. Now, take a step back and then return again and offer another treat to your border collie dog. Now this time, try to take two steps back, then return and offer the treat. Don’t forget to use the marked word.

Take two steps aside this time and then return and offer a treat to your border collie dog. Increase the waiting time to 15 seconds this time. Keep repeating the procedure for at least 15 days. Your collie puppy will understand it soon as the collie dogs are also very fast learners. You can then relax your dog anywhere in the future.


Border collies have various types of needs when it comes to sleep. In order to determine your border collie sleeping habits, you must consider the factors such as the age, size, energy level, and medical health of your dog. The family border collie dogs sleep more as compared to the working border collies.

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