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Can border collies sleep outside in winter?

As a responsible owner of a border collie, this question must have come up in your mind. Can border collies sleep outside in winter? This is because sometimes border collies like to stay outside. Moreover, some dog owners like to keep the dog house outside. In this article, we are going to explain all the factors which could affect your dog while sleeping outside.

Border collies do get cold as we all human beings do. The double coat of the border collie dogs makes them tolerate the hot or cold weather. It means border collies tolerate cold weather in winter. But, this doesn’t really mean that they can live outside as well. Border collies cannot sleep outside in winter.

Can Border collies sleep outside in winter?

Collies can tolerate temperature until 40 ° to 45 °F. Temperature below 45 is cold for the border collie dogs and they may seek shelter or someplace warm to sit. If your border collie is having any health problems or is sick already, then in that situation you must keep your border collie dog inside to keep warm.

Similarly, if you have a border collie puppy then make sure it sleeps inside in a warm place in winters. Sleeping collie inside in winter is more recommended.

How the double coat protects the sleeping collie outside in winter?

Border collies are double-coated dogs. This double coat of border collies filters the outside air and keeps them warm during hot or cold weather. The border collie can sleep outside and tolerate cold temperatures. But, it is not recommended at all. There are many health issues due to cold temperatures. So, it is better if your border collie is sleeping inside in a warm place.

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Border collie sleep time in winters

A Border collie dog sleeps 12  to 14 hours a day normally during the normal temperature or warm temperature. But in winters, border collie sleep time is extended from 12 hours to 16 hours. They sleep early at night due to the high cold temperature outside and sleep till midday. If you have noticed the extra sleep in your border collie dog then it is normal during the winters.

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Border collie puppy sleep time in winters

A Border collie puppy sleeps less than the average. It is because they are in their development mode. So, due to the extra energy they sleep less and like to move more. Click here to check a 6 months old border collie puppy sleep time.

How to know if the border collie is feeling cold during sleep?

It is important to keep your border collie dog in a warm place during the winter. Make sure the bed of your border collie dog is warm as well. Your border collie dog will keep on changing the sides during sleep and will try to lift the paws up continuously. If you notice this behavior then change the bed or take your dog to a warm place asap. You need to make sure that your dog is relaxed and sleeping peacefully.

An older border collie has more sleep time compared to the border collie puppy sleep time. So, if your collie is sleeping more then stay relaxed as it is normal during the winters.

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Border collies can tolerate hot and cold weather due to the double coat and strong fur. But, it really doesn’t mean that they can also sleep outside. Border collies cannot sleep outside in winter and similarly won’t be able to sleep under hot temperatures during summer. It is important to take care of your border collie dog and sleep during these hard temperatures. Provide all the requirements to your dog to keep it safe from the strong temperature.

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