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Do Border Collies see color

Border collies see more color than just black and white. They don’t see the spectrum of the colors like the humans do, but they can see some of the colors.

Border collies can see yellow, shades of Gray, and blue color. They see the rainbow as in brownish color with light yellow and blue color. Border collies cannot see purple, orange and red color like the humans see. If you are wearing the red and green color of cloths, it would appear as brownish and gray color to your dog. 

Do Border Collies see color

Collies are near-sighted. But they spot things very fast. They can spot a 1000 yards far sheep. This breed has a small height between 45 to 55 cm due to which they get a low angle.

Border collies easily distinguish yellow and blue colors. It is not true that Border collie is colorblind and cannot see the colors. They can see color but lesser as compared to the human eyes. Many dog owners including you who reading this consider your dog as colorblind. This is not true and we need to understand that the human’s best dog companion is not colorblind. They see color but to a limited extent. You can say that Border collies can see color equal to the color blinded human.

What colors Border collies can see

Border collies can see yellow, blue, and gray color properly. As we know that rods and cones are responsible for sight vision. You will be amazed to know that dogs including Border collies have more rods as compared to humans. But, humans have 3 sets of cones which are known as trichromatic vision whereas dogs just have 2 sets of cones. This is why their vision is called dichromatic vision. This is the reason because of which dogs only see blue, yellow, and a combination of these colors.

Dogs see fewer colors because of the less vision spectrum. So, all the other colors other than yellow and blue appear gray to your dog. Border collies may not see all the colors but they have better night vision as compared to humans.

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Toy color for Border collies

Normally we don’t consider the color of the toy while buying for our dogs. But, it is to mind that it does affect your border collie. A Border collie dog distinguishes between lightness and dark of the toy. If your dog fails to distinguish the toy color, then it focuses on the shade of the color.

You will notice that every dog toy is attractive in its way when you at any pet store. You are recommended to choose the toy color which could be easily identified by your dog.

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Border collies can see color but less as compared to humans. They can only see yellow and blue colors clearly. It is also important for you as an owner to provide the do toys that can be easily identified by your dog. Colors also play a very important role in dog sports. Dogs may not have a better vision but they have other senses better as compared to humans.

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