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Why are collies no longer popular?

Dog breeds with high requirements and grooming were very popular back in 1940. But with time, life becomes fast and people got busy in their hectic and tough life routine. Due to which dog lovers are now shifting from very popular dog breeds like a Border collie to less popular dogs with extra fewer needs and requirements. In this article, we are going to discuss the reasons why border collies are no longer popular?

Border collies are no longer popular because of their high requirements and needs. Retrievers are now getting popular more than Border collies. Many professionals give the reason that Border collies give up soon. This is the reason why people are now moving toward the other breeds instead of the most intelligent and energetic dog breed.

Why are collies no longer popular?

The main reason why Border collies are no longer popular is their requirements and needs. Many busy people with tough routines cannot fulfill the requirements of this dog breed. Moreover, many professionals say that Border collies give up easily. Border collies love to play but then a time comes, where your dog no longer wants to play with you or fetch the ball and Frisbee.

The temperament of Border collies makes them unpopular

Another reason behind collie no longer being popular is the temperament of these dogs. Border collies get aggressive when you don’t fulfill their requirements.  If you are not providing your border collie dog proper care and attention then it will become a troubled dog for you. It will become aggressive and will cause trouble for you all the time.

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Border collies become popular after the film in which lassie performed many dog tricks. It was back in 1950. But now with time, collies are no longer popular and other dog breeds are taking their place. It is because other dog breeds don’t require much attention and exercise as border collie dogs do. Moreover, border collies become trouble dogs when they get boredom and aggressive. Whereas many other popular dog breeds nowadays like husky and German shepherd don’t get aggressive.

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Although, Border collies are the most intelligent and family dogs. But, with time these dogs are no longer popular. It is because of their high requirements, aggression, and habit of leaving things after irritation. Many dog lovers and dog owners are now going after retrievers because of their fewer requirements and more benefits. Especially, Golden retriever. Golden Retriever has now become the most loving dog and is also called the perfect family dog.

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