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Do smooth collies make good pets

Do smooth collies make good pets? What makes smooth collies good pets? What is the behavior of smooth collies? Do smooth collies have good manners? Is it easy to train smooth collies? Smooth collies are active, intelligent, and emotionally sensitive dogs. They have a soft and sweet personalities. They are known to be originated in the Anglo-Scottish region.

Smooth collies are elegant and obedient dogs known for their undying loyalty and amazing ability to foresee their owner’s needs. They are soft, gentle, loving, and affectionate dogs. These qualities superior’s them from other breeds and that’s the reason smooth collies make good pets. They are well-behaved and obedient dogs. Smooth collies are always eager to learn and have a very sharp and active mind. Because of their herding nature, they are known to be big barkers. They don’t hesitate to protect their owner and have protective nature and may attack invaders if they realize that you are in danger.

Do smooth collies make good pets?

Smooth collies make good pets because they are obedient and easily trained family dogs with love and devotion towards the whole family. They have an eagerness to please their owner. Smooth collies pets are known to be the world’s smartest dogs. These collies are famous because of their charming personality. Smooth collies pets are famous because of the unique quality that their nature relies upon the leadership qualities of their trainer and if you are training them assure that you are behaving them as their lover, not as their owner.

In 1994, The Kennel Club ranked smooth collies pets as the most unique breed in the world. One of the reasons that smooth collies make good pets is they have bossy and responsive nature. They are of high intelligence and have stable stamina. They never stop thinking. Their mind is very sharp and active. Smooth collies realize the dangerous situation and have the ability to act accordingly.

Smooth collies are always one step ahead and can foresee their owner’s need. They only require minimum grooming. You can easily modify their behavior. They are usually social and family dogs and if you have small kids then maybe not the right fit for you. Because they hesitate a little while behaving with them. These are the reasons that are why house collies make good pets.

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Tricks to make smooth collies good pets

Smooth collies pet’s diet plan plays an important role in their behavior. Low fiber nutrition suits them most. Their training tutorials must be short and interesting to keep them in a cool mood. Exercise and appropriate veterinary treatment are necessary which leads towards the factor of making their unique pets. Communicate with them in a balanced way because they show the reflection of what is taught to them. Don’t ignore their dominancy behavior because it can lead to trigger a big situation.

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For the training of smooth collies pets, you should educate yourself enough to understand the principles of their temperament. An average person can’t train smooth collies. It requires a lot of time and patience with proper skills. The supreme factor which plays role in smooth collies makes good pets is their socialization. The more social they will be more they are going to gain confidence.

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Exercising and warming up their bodies also keep them cool. Doing enough muscle movement results in loss of energy which is necessary for a working dog. It lowers their aggressiveness. Canine massages protect them against external parasites. Must encourage them when they complete the assigned work. Gave them proper attention while training and especially during feeding.

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How long it can take to train smooth collies?

Basic evaluation training of smooth collies pets starts from 12 weeks of their age. After this age, the more early you start more it is beneficial for both puppy and you. They learn very quickly. But every skill has its difficulty level and also depends on the puppy’s age. It’s difficult for the old collie to manage and learn tricky new skills. Within the age drop, it’s also possible that they weaken some qualities of heritage that directly affect their learning ability.

Based on difficulty level it can take a minimum of 3 weeks and a maximum of 10 weeks per skill. It’s true that smooth collies make good pets and learn everything actively but it doesn’t mean it’s a child play to teach a smooth collie, a normal person can’t train a collie. One should have enough stamina and time to bear collies mistakes. Taught them obstacles that’s also a good way of enhancing their challenge-taking ability.

Generally, overall training of smooth collies pets can take 7 to 8 months. Most probably if you are teaching them a little difficult trick and working on the way to make them well-behaved dogs then surely you have to wait for almost 10 months. While training most of today’s smooth collies are far away from their heritage as active herding breeds and need only a little exercise.


Smooth collies are known to be the world’s smartest dogs because of their heritage abilities which include obedience, faithfulness, and situation reading quality. Because of their sharp mind, they can foresee any coming danger and face it accordingly. They are bossy dogs with responsive nature and stable stamina. Due to their high wisdom, they never stop thinking. They learn very quickly and have the ability to grip any tricky skill within 10 months. You can easily change their bad habits while training and their performance depend upon the skills of their trainer.

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