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Are Smooth Collies Aggressive

Are smooth collies aggressive? What is the temperament of smooth collies? What are the tricks to lower the aggressiveness of smooth collies?  Do smooth collies bark a lot? Are smooth collies good family dogs? A short hair dog breed developed especially for herding purposes is known as the smooth collie. Their breed started in Great Britain. The working ability of this type of collies depends upon the training of their leader. The more you train them according to you more they are suitable for you.

Smooth collies aggressive nature was only because of their herding heritage but now their breed has been changed a lot, what people call it evaluation resulted because of living in cities. They have a stable temperament and they have the ability to absorb a variety of things within no time. Avoiding negative consequences and detraction with their favorite toys or food can help a lot to calm down smooth collies aggression.  They are known to be big barkers. Sometimes they bark because of unhappiness but generally, they have a sweet personality and can’t perform well in an environment of frequent tension and noise.

Are smooth collies aggressive?

Smooth collies can be protective but not aggressive. Their mellow and regal personality makes them great family dogs and loyal pets. Smooth collie’s aggressive nature can be changed if they are trained to do it. They are known to be the World’s smartest dogs. Their training plays an important role in building their carrier.

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Be careful to monitor smooth collies aggressive situations because sometimes it can to leads to trigger. This can happen because of excitedness especially when you come home when guests visit or maybe during play and mealtimes. They never stop thinking and are always one step ahead of other people’s actions.

Smooth collies aggressive character can be because of their unhappiness and to entertain themselves they can do anything. They can be bold because of their protective nature but not aggressive at all. Some little exercise at the end of the day is enough for their relaxation. You must know how to utilize their energy to gain more and more benefits from them.

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The temperament of smooth collies

Smooth collies are known to be versatile. They are of stable stamina and have high intelligence. Smooth collies aggression is because of their herding nature. They require minimum grooming, have an active mind, and learn very quickly within the adaptability requirement towards the environment.

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Smooth collie’s aggressive behavior can be modified by applying the techniques of detraction and environmental manipulation. They are known to be bossy dogs. Smooth collie’s aggression can be because of their undiagnosed health problem. They will start obeying you and your family once you have achieved alpha status by spending enough time as their owner.

Smooth collies see their owner and his family as their pack leaders. They need to brush once a week to keep themselves cool. They have alert and responsive nature. Smooth collies can also be used in obedience competition, agility, and herding trials. Keep them busy enough so that they don’t get bored because they never stop learning and they are always ready for new challenges.

Do smooth collies bark a lot?

Smooth collies are known to be big barkers. They are sensitive to any noise and distraction. Aggressive smooth collies mostly show their aggression in the form of barking. They have a habit of staring and barking at everything.

They can also bark when they are hungry, excited, bored, or maybe sometimes when they want to get attention. Smooth collies aggression can be controlled in different ways i.e. detraction and manipulation. Detraction means reverting their attention to their favorite food or toys while manipulation means keeping themselves busy within the environment.

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Because of their intelligent nature, they can be trained to bark less. While outing gave them enough time for their relaxation. Proper brushing per week and setting diet plans are best for them. When you gave them proper attention and nurture sometimes over them, they feel the greatness in it and reply to you with warm hands.

Tricks to lower aggressiveness

Time and patience are the best weapons against smooth collies aggression. Find out the frequency at which you and your pet can work. Understand their nature to utilize their energy. Smooth collies aggressive nature can be lowered by giving them proper attention and time. Never neglect their dominance factor because then they will be used to it and maybe sometimes this can cause a problem for you and your family.

Angry tones can confuse both you and your collie. Never exercise any trick that causes them pain. Smooth collie’s aggression can also be the result of your behavior towards them. Avoid negativity at all. Mental and aromatherapies can also be supportive of aggression. They feel healthier and energized after these types of therapies and canine massages.

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Visit the clinic when a situation is getting worse. Relaxation at the end of the day is necessary for them. Once in a week go to the nearest dog center because collies love to be around their family members. Spending enough time with their species fellows gave those goosebumps. If you don’t have enough time to be around them, they may be smooth collies are not the right fit for you.


Smooth collies are not aggressive but they have protective nature for their owner. Their aggressive nature can be easily modified if they are trained to do so. During their aggression, be careful and monitor the situation very quickly. They are known to be World’s smartest dogs because of their learning intelligence. They have alert and responsive nature. Gave them enough time for proper relaxation while outing. Set up the frequency at which you and your dog can work properly. Avoid negative behavior, their aggression might be the result of this.

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