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How can I tell if my border collie is purebred

It is always very important and crucial to know if my border collie is purebred or not. This is because it avoids many unexpected issues. It does not matter if you are having a collie puppy or an adult border collie dog. There are always many methods to look out whether your border collie is purebred or not. In this article, we are going to explore all the methods and techniques by which you can tell that if your border collie is purebred or not.

Size, eye color, head, coat, coat color, and tongue color plays an important role in identifying the border collie purebred. You can easily identify that your border collie is purebred or not by following these characteristics. Moreover, it is always recommended to have your border collie’s DNA test and consult with any professional vet for the strong verification of your dog.

How can I tell if my border collie is purebred

You need to verify your dog that is purebred before bringing it home. There are many breeders out there who are fooling people and selling dogs in the name of purebred.

Collieslife is going to help you in the verification of your dog if it is purebred or not. First of all, It is very important to check the size of your border collie dog. The height of a male border collie dog lies between 24 to 26 inches whereas, for females, it is 22 to 24 inches. Moreover, also have a deep look at the body, chest, legs, and shoulder of your dog.

The body of border collie dogs is long and very well proportioned. Whereas, legs of these dogs are muscular because of their herding nature. Make your dog sit on the floor and see if it has a wide chest as compared to the body. Shoulders of the border collie dogs are also not wide and in slope.

Smooth and Rough collies are further the two coat variations in this breed. Smooth border collies are dense, flat, and short with a soft and thin coat. On the other hand, Rough Border collies have a long and well-fitted coat. Moreover, their coat also covers from the body to toe. You will have a harsh feeling upon touching the rough collie’s coat.

Upon talking about the tongue of the purebred border collies, they a conflict about the statement. According to many of the professional breeders and vets, this is not correct. But there is a statement that the purebred border collie dogs have a purple tongue or a purple color spotted in it.

How can I tell if my border collie puppy is purebred?

If you are willing to bring a border collie puppy at home then it is recommended to bring at least a 2 month old border collie puppy. Moreover., it is also strongly recommended by professional vets and AKC to adopt a puppy of at least 8 weeks old. There are many dog breeders which are selling puppies less than 8 weeks old. This is completely illegal and it is recommended to avoid these all breeders and report them.

8 weeks old border collie puppy has the same coat, head, and body shape as an adult border collie. Although, there is a difference in size between them the shape is the same. It is not easy to check that a puppy is purebred or not.

So, there is a tool known as the DNA AND HEALTH TESTING TOOL for puppy breed identification. This is a very useful device and very recommended to most dog owners and vets.

What are the other methods to verify my border collie is purebred?

There are other methods suggested to you by which you can get to known if your border collie is purebred. One of the first methods is to check the pedigree papers of your dog puppy. If you are getting the collie puppy from any dog breeder then the breeder will provide the pedigree papers. That paper will have all the information regarding the previous parental and genetic health problems of the breed.

The second method is the use of the DNA TESTING TOOL KIT which is also strongly recommended by the collieslife team. You can also check the health condition of your dog by using this tool kit. It is very useful and very common in use. It is used by many dog breeders and well vets.

The third method of checking whether my border collie is purebred or not is to take it to any professional vet. A professional vet can easily tell about the health condition as well as the if the dog is purebred or not by performing some medical tests.


It is not easy for any inexperienced dog owner to tell if the border collie is purebred. We have provided many possible hints by which you can check that your border collie is purebred or not. But, besides this, it is recommended to buy the DNA testing tool kit. You can easily get the results and check whether your dog is purebred or not. Moreover, you can also take your dog to any vet. A vet can easily tell you all the information about your dog.

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