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What are the different types of border collies

No doubt all types of Border collie dogs are very intelligent, energetic and the best human companions. Border collies belong to the working dog community. These canines are extremely loyal and of alert temperament.

Border collies have originated from Scotland and the United kingdom. Now, there are many different types of border collies according to their origin. In Australia, you will find very beautiful Australian shepherd Border collie dogs. Similarly in the other areas of the world, you will come by the other types of border collies.

Border collies are divided into two main types: which is Rough collie and smooth collie. Rough collies are border collie mixes with long or normal hairs. Whereas, smooth collies are with small hairs and different traits from rough collies.

Different types of Border collies

Border collies are different according to their coloring, pattern, and markings. Different combinations create beautiful border collie coats and types which are loved by people.

In this article, you will be introduced to the different types of border collies. Let’s start with the first unique and rarest type of border collie dog.

Bearded Collie:

Bearded Collie is a very famous family companion dog also known as the beardie. It is originated in Scotland. According to AKC, Bearded collie is ranked 117 out of 175 in the list of the most popular dogs in the United States. This breed is also called the “unspoiled breed”. It is because 90% of the bearded collie dogs are living in houses with the families as the family dogs. You will never see bearded collie alone on the road or street.

Smooth collie:

Smooth collie dogs are short haired originally bred for herding purposes. These dogs can live in open farms and resist the hot temperature. This is due to their short hair and double coat.

You can also pet smooth collie as a family dog. It has all the traits of border collies. These dogs are very social, friendly, and best human companions as well.

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Golden collie:

The second name of Golden collie is Gollie. It is a cross between a golden retriever and a border collie. Gollie is a very attractive dog breed. You can find many of these at dog shelters or rescue centers. They can be very good family dogs if you are ready to fill their needs.

They can also serve as watchdogs at night because of their high alert temperament.

Brown border collie:

Brown Border collie dogs are very attractive and beautiful. These dogs are perfect for the family because of their friendly behavior. You can also call brown border collie a rare border collie breed because they are very uncommon. They are also very easy to be trained. You can find many brown border collie dogs in Australia at homes living as human companions.

Short haired border collie:

The short haired border collie is an extremely intelligent dog breed. They are originated from multiple regions of Europe. The exact region of the short-haired border collie dog is still unknown. These smooth collie dogs are best for the herding of the livestock.

Australian shepherd border collie:

The most popular and the most loved border collie mix is the Australian shepherd border collie. These are also known as the Aussies. The Australian shepherd border collie is a perfect family dog due to its intelligence and friendly behavior toward human beings. Australian shepherd border collie is also a one-person dog. They get an addiction to the owner. They may go into separation anxiety due to the long absence of the owner.

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Red border collie:

Red Border collie dog is recognized in the US. It is a very rare border collie breed. The red border collie is also known as the Aussie red. The red color here is a recessive gene and the border collies with this color also have the parents of the same hue.

Border collie red merle:

Border collie red merle is a very rare border collie dog. The border collie red merle has a base of red and white color with the breaking pattern.

Miniature collie:

Mini border collie dogs are known as miniature collie dogs. These dogs look very cute due to their small, tiny legs. Miniature collie is famous for its athletic plays and training. The miniature collie is still not been recognized by the many major dog clubs.

Lilac border collie:

The lilac border collie color is similar to the chocolate color with a white beautiful pattern. This is also a rare type of border collies. There are different variations of the lilac border collie.

Blue merle collie:

Blue merle collie is attractive dog. But, the merle color is on this dog is due to the modifying gene. As a result, the blue merle collie shows patches of pigments throughout the body. Most of the blue merle collie has a white color coat with black or blue spots. Blue merle collie has pink noses and blue eyes.

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Blue Border collie:

The blue border collie is also known as the blue merle border collie. These both dogs are the same with the same color and coat. The blue border collie has a white coat with blue spots.

Black Border collie:

The black border collie is very uncommon. These have the same characteristics as the border collie dog. But the beauty of the black border collie and its attraction makes it the most demanding type of border collie.

Rarest types of Border collies:

The rarest border collie breed is the white border collie dog. The white border collies are very rare and also very beautiful and attractive. You will fall in love with the white border collie on your very first eye contact.

Whereas, the rarest type of border collie is formed by the combination of the rare pattern with the rare color. late merle with tri, Red brindle, Slate sable, Lilac merle with tri is the rarest types of border collies. These breeds are 1 in o.1 million border collie dogs.

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A most popular type of Border collie:

No doubt, black and white border collies are the most common border collie dogs. The white and black border collies are also the original border collie dogs without any mixture or spoiled cross. But, the most beautiful, demanded and popular type of border collie is the Australian shepherd border collie. The beauty of the Australian shepherd border collie with the original traits of border collies makes it the most desiring family dog.

The most beautiful types of Border collies:

The white border collie is the rarest type of border collie and also the most beautiful type. It is very rare which makes it the rarest and the most beautiful type of border collie dog. Everyone has their own eyes for attraction. Many people love the Australian shepherd border collie. While most of the others wish to pet a merle type of border collie.

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The beauty lies in the heart of the dog owner. It doesn’t matter which is the type or the dog breed. The dog breeds discussed above are defined after the proper research. The majority of dog lovers are fond of white border collies. Which is the reason why it has been called the most beautiful type of border collie dog.

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