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Why are Border Collies so smart?

Border collies are known to be the brainers of the dog world. These dogs are considered to be the most intelligent dog breed on this planet. Border collie has a high IQ level.  Along with their smartness, border collies are also popular for their loyalty, friendly behavior with children, and super energy.

The main reason behind Border collies super smartness is that they were bred to understand the owner’s commands. They were bred for the herding of livestock. The intelligence and the energy combined together to make a Border collie dog. Later on, this dog became a popular family dog. Border collie IQ level made it the best family and watchdog.

Are Border Collies smarter than cats?

You must have heard that border collies IQ compared to humans is equal to a two-year-old human child. But, many dog owners also inquire if the border collie IQ is greater than the cat. Are border collies smarter than cats?

Border collies are not just smarter than cats, but they are also smarter than their counterparts. Border collies IQ level is way more than cats.

How smart is a border collie compared to a human child?

The Average Border collie IQ level is equal to a human child of 2 years of age. This means that a border collie IQ compared to a man child is equal to 2 years old human child. Whereas, in the case of social skills, Border collie IQ is compared to a teenager.

Border collie IQ as compared to humans is shocking. This breed is the most intelligent dog breed as compared to all the other dog breeds. And when it comes to humans, the Border collie IQ level is like a child of 2 years. Like the human child, the Border collie also requires attention and proper love. Without attention and love, border collie becomes a wild and aggressive dog. Therefore, according to the border collie IQ, it is important to treat it like a 2-year-old human child.

According to Coren, the Border collie is an extremely intelligent dog breed. Border collie IQ is more than any other living dog breed. They are known to be the smartest dogs on this planet.


Border collies IQ level is more than all the other dog breeds. They are the smartest dogs. Border collies have won the more intelligent dog breed competition held by the Coren. A total of 302 breeds participated in that competition, out of which Border collies came up on the top. If you need a perfect family dog, then there is no better dog breed than a Border collie.

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