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Are Border collies good with cats?

Border Collies are a highly intelligent and trainable breed of dog that is known for their herding instincts. They were originally bred to work with livestock. Such as sheep and cattle and have been trained to control them using an intense gaze known as “eye.” While this makes them great at herding, it can also make them a little too interested in chasing and controlling other small animals, including cats.

Border collies can be good with cats.

The general opinion is that Border Collies can be good with cats. But only if they are properly socialized and trained from a young age. Socialization is the process of a puppy dog facing multiple people, animals, and environments. Through this process, the puppy learns to be comfortable and confident in a variety of situations. This is crucial for Border Collies, as their herding instincts can be very strong. Moreover, they also need to learn to control them.

Training your collie puppy for good manners

When it comes to training, it’s important to teach the Border Collie basic obedience commands. These commands could be “sit,” “stay,” and “come.” This will help them to better understand what is expected of them when they are around cats and other animals. Teaching them to respond to recall and leave commands is also important to help them to disengage from any chasing behavior when they see a cat or other small animal. It is important to teach your dog to respond to the recall and leave commands. It is also important to stop them from chasing using these commands whenever they see a cat or other animal.

Border collie’s personality and behavior with the cats

Another key factor in whether a Border Collie will be good with cats is the personality of the individual dog. Some Border Collies have a more laid-back and easy-going personality, which makes them more likely to get along with cats. Others may be more high-strung and easily excitable, which makes them more likely to want to chase and herd cats.

When introducing a Border Collie to a household with cats, it’s important to do so slowly and carefully. Make sure you have given the cats plenty of space and opportunities to retreat. Also, supervising their interactions for the first few days and correcting any chasing or herd behavior is mandatory.


In conclusion, Border Collies can be good with cats. It’s important to socialize and train them properly, to keep in mind that individual dog personality plays a big role in their compatibility with cats, and to supervise their interactions when they first meet.

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