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Can a Border Collie go crazy

The Border collie can go crazy most of the time. You must be having some questions in your mind such as: What is the reason behind their craziness? Why do Border collies go crazy? How do they become problem dogs after being so intelligent and human-friendly? Why do most Border collies end up in animal emergency centers after bite accidents?

Border collies get crazy most of the time. The craziness of Border collie starts appearing after boredom. They get insane and frustrated most of the time. The craziness of the border collie defines that he wants to go out to stretch his legs. In most cases, the Border collie is going through some physical pain which causes him to act crazy. They also start barking a lot in order to get the attention of the owner. 

Can a Border collie go crazy:

Border collies go crazy most of the time. No doubt Border collie is just a dog, which thinks, learns, and acts like other dogs. However, Border collies are blessed with very good characteristics and typical behavior.

Before getting a Border collie, you should read about their behavior and bad habits and especially their needs and requirements. Border collies need daily exercise minimum of almost 1 hour. If they don’t get it, they start showing signs of aggression and frustration,

Border collies are one-person dogs. They love their owner more than anything in their life. So if they don’t see their owner around, after some time they go into separation anxiety and stop listening to the commands of other family members. It is also possible that your collie dog destroys furniture at home or bites someone.

Reaction when Border collie goes crazy:

If you have locked your Border collie in the backyard and he gets bored, he will start digging up the garden near the fences to get out of them. He will also try to jump and climb to get out of the fences.

In most cases, your Border collie will make a habit of barking every time just to get the attention of the owner. Chewing is another habit Border collies make up in boredom. They start chewing anything that comes up in their way and destroys it. They also chew and lick themselves.

Border collies go crazy in boredom. It is essential for you to keep your dog busy all the time otherwise he will go crazy and become destructive. Border collies are energetic dogs made for the herding of the livestock.

How to control the craziness and aggression of Collie:

It is very important to train basic useful commands to your collie dog. Border collies in most cases go crazy because they don’t get much attention from their owner as they required. So it is recommended to give your border collie at least one hour daily to take him on a walk and teach new commands.

Whenever your Border collie does something you don’t like, just ignore him and walk away. So through this, he will understand that doing this is not acceptable. If your Border collie does something you like and listens to your commands, try making a habit of rewarding him with his favorite food. This will help a lot in keeping your Border collie under control.

It is important to keep your Border collie under the thinking that you are the alpha dog and the leader of the pack. Never start listening to your Border collie otherwise he will try to be the leader and will stop listening to your commands. Border collies get out of hands and become aggressive if you don’t stop listening to them.

Teaching commands will help you in controlling your Border collie whenever he will be in aggression. If a Border collie acts crazy, call him, and ask him to sit. Similarly, whenever he tries to bark a lot after someone or chase someone or even growl, your taught commands will help you to control him on time.

How to calm down crazy BC:

Calm down your Border collie on time otherwise, he will bite someone in aggression and craziness.

If your Border collie is acting crazy it means he wants your attention, time, and exercise. It is better to take Border collie out for exercise. Teach your Border collie a new trick every month. This is the most intelligent breed as compared to all other dog breeds. Border collies can learn up to 1000 commands.

It is better to work on each new trick every day in exercise. Border collies are a one-person dog. They need their owner’s love more than anything else.  It is recommended to give your Border collie a part of your time daily to keep him happy.

If you have a hidden stash of toys, it is recommended to rotate the toys every few days. The fetch game is best for Border collies as it keeps them away from you and takes high energy.

If you are going out and you need to leave your Border collie alone at home, it is recommended to lock him in a room with food and toys. Moreover, it is recommended that put your old shirt or any clothing piece, which he can smell and get the feel of his owner. This trick works.

Border collie’s sense of smell is better and fast as compare to the sense of vision, so putting a piece of your cloth will keep them calm. Always leave your old shirt, this is because in boredom Border collies start chewing things so there are a lot of chances that he may start chewing your shirt.

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The reason behind collies barking:

There is always a reason behind the barking of your Border collie. Border collies start barking if they see someone stranger.

In many cases, Border collie starts barking when guests arrive at home. The excessive barking of your Border collie drives you and your guests crazy. Border collies need proper exercise daily. If they don’t get it they start barking which meant that they want to go out to stretch their legs.

The attention and time of owners are very important for a Border collie, which is their basic need. If the owner is busy and does not be able to provide much time to his Border collie, he starts barking to get the attention of his owner.

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How to control the barking of the crazy Border collie?

The unnecessary barking of Border collies becomes very irritating. Here are some recommendations to stop your Border collie from barking:

After the distraction, call your Border collie and reward him which will help him in understanding that this is not acceptable. Due to boredom, Border collies start barking when left alone at home. So the best thing to tackle this situation is to turn on the radio before leaving. It will give him company and will also help in distraction from barking.

Providing your Border collie daily exercise will utilize all of his energy in exercise. So there won’t be enough energy left behind to bark. It is important to correct your Border collie’s behavior on time before it becomes his habit.

Be careful; never shout on your Border collie ever. Always try to tackle situations with technique. Shouting will make him bark more. Training is the best solution for every problem your face in this breed.

It is recommended to carry a spray bottle with you if your Border collie has a habit of barking at every passerby. Whenever a Border collie starts barking try using the command ‘quiet’ if it doesn’t help then squirt It with water. This helps in distracting your Border collie from barking.

Final words:

Border collies go crazy most of the time. The absence of their owner drives them crazy most of the time. Boredom is also the reason behind their craziness and excessive barking. It is very important to keep your Border collie happy and under control.

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