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What 2 breeds make a Border Collie?

Border collies are getting popularity day by day. With the popularity, dog owners are not only taking interest in this breed, but they are also looking forward to learning more about the collies. So, in this article, we have brought you the most popular question these days. Do many dog lovers ask about what breeds make up a border collie? What dog breeds make a border collie? Stick with this article to learn more about the answer to this question and other important dog queries.

Border collies come from the cross between the Roman dog breed and a Viking breed. These dogs were discovered on the border between Scotland and England. This means that Border collies don’t belong to any specific nation as they were found on the border. Whereas, What 2 breeds make a border collie? The answer is that they are a mix of a Roman herding dog and Vikings spitz herding breed.

what 2 dogs make a border collie

The border collie is a Scottish dog of medium size with a threading nature. These dogs are mostly used at their houses for the herding of livestock. But, after the superintelligence and the friendly nature of this breed, now this breed has become the most favorite family dog.

Border collie breed is a descendent stud dog. The dog known to be the progenitor to the border collie breed was the Old Hemp. It was owned by tham Telfer who kept it for the herding of the sheep according to some theories, Border collies are also considered to be the descendants of wolves. So, this proves that border collies are also genetically linked to wolves.

Old Hemp which is the ancestor of Border collies has fathered more than 200 dogs. It was so a intelligent and popular stud dog. So the majority of its children become very popular and successful breeds. Border collies are one of them.

what size breed is a border collie

Border collies are middle-sized canine dogs. These athletic herders are standing 18 to 22 inches and weigh about 45 pounds. The overlook of the Border collie breed is muscular.

But, with this size, Border collies are very energetic. They are known to be the most intelligent dogs on this planet. The average lifespan of a border collie breed is 13 years. The age depends upon the height of the dog. Most healthy dogs are known to live as much as 19 years of age.

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can you breed two merle border collies?

It is possible to breed two merle border collies. But, the chances of getting a double merle litter are just 25%. Two merle border collie means that it inherits the merle gene twice. One copy of the merle gene results in a marbling effect. The marbling effect means that the dog gets lighter spots throughout the coat.

In many states, it is considered to be very inappropriate. It is defined as illegal as well in many places. The success rate in this process is just 25%. So, the other 75% contains birth problems, deafness, and blindness after birth.

No doubt, two merle Border collies are rare. But, you all must also be aware of how these dogs are being bred. How much does this breeding cause effects? But, unfortunately, many of the breeders are still breeding two merle border collies for a high amount of money.


Border Collies are a breed of dog that was developed in the border region between England and Scotland. They are known for their intelligence, energy, and herding ability. There is no specific information available on the specific breeds that were used to create the Border Collie. But, the breed was developed over time through selective breeding for specific characteristics, such as intelligence and herding ability, rather than through the crossbreeding of specific breeds.

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