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Do Merle Border collies have more health problems

Blue merle Border collies are the rarest collies breed when it comes to coats and eye colors. These dogs have different and light colors of a very rare coat. Moreover, most of them also have a different colors of eyes.  These dogs are very attractive.  Their attraction is the reason due to which every dog owner thinks about buying this breed. But buying and bringing this breed to your home could be very risky. It is due to the health problems of this dog breed. So in this article, we are going to discuss the health problems of the merle Border collies.

Merle Border collies have many health problems from deafness, eyesight disability to hip dysplasia. Although these dogs are very attractive and beautiful they also carry many health problems. It also does not mean that you should completely ignore this breed due to their health problems. It is possible to buy this breed from any breeder that clears all the dog puppy’s medical records and test reports.

Do Merle Border collies have more health problems?

Merle Border collies have very complicated genes and so as well as many other health problems. If you think you will take care of your merle Border collie to keep it healthy and avoid all the health problems, you are wrong. It is because you can keep your dog healthy by taking good care but there are also some other genetic health problems that you cannot avoid or fight with.

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Congenital deafness in Merle Border collies

The American Border collie Association has indicated that the merle collies have a higher risk of having hearing problems than other dog problems. There are many reasons for deafness in dogs. Blindness and deafness is the most common health problem in Blue Merle Border collies.

If you are having a deaf or a blind blue merle border collie, you need to get used to its situation and try your best to provide extra care. It may take extra care and attention all the time, but it is also a loving dog breed and so deserves this much love.

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How to prevent blue merle Border collies health problems?

It is not possible to recover the deafness and blindness f the blue merle collies after their birth but it can be avoided. It is recommended to avoid any breeding with any other blue merle Border collie or even a merle breed having merle genes.


Merle Border collies have many health problems. Deafness and blindness is the most common health problem in this rarest dog breed. In many of the cases, blue merle collies start listening and seeing after some time but very lightly. It is best to check all the medical records of the blue merle Border collie before buying. Moreover, it is also recommended to buy from any breeder which has all the previous records of the dog puppy.

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