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At what age do border collies slow down

Border collies are the most energetic dogs as compared to all other dog breeds. They are used at the farms for the herding of the livestock. Do Border collies ever slow down? If yes, then at what age do Border collies get slow and calm down? What to realize from this? Can it be cured?

Border collies get calm and start slowing down after 12 years of age. The average life span of Border collies is 12 years. So as they reach 12 years of age, they start slowing down due to old age. A good and healthy Border collie can run and live up to 15 years of age too. Make sure you are keeping your Border collie healthy and happy all the time.

At what age do border collies slow down?

Collies are the most intelligent dogs, proved by the experiments performed by Coren and his team. They can learn up to 1000 commands. Moreover, they are also the most energetic dogs which never get tired or slow down. But as Border collie moves toward death and old age, he starts getting confused and slow down.

Slow down due to old age:

The reason behind your Border collies getting slow is due to old age. Border collies can work all day without any break due to the high energy they possess. But as a Border collie moves to the old, he starts getting slow down. Border collies of 3 or 4 years of age are considered puppies. You must train your Border collie puppy well and keep him healthy and happy. An aggressive and frustrated Border collie lives less than the average span and becomes a problem dog for the owner to end up back to the rescue center. 

Border collies nature:

Border collies are awesome dogs with a very energetic personality. They don’t satisfy with the normal walk or exercise. They need more than that to release their energy. Border collies are herding dogs by nature, which means working and herding livestock all day without any break or a gap.

Quick cessation:

Border collies are very energetic dogs with high energy and IQ level. The average life span of Border collies’ death is 12 years of age. As a Border collie moves to old age, he starts getting slow down. Border collie starts getting confused and slowing down when it reaches its end age. If you keep your collie happy and healthy, he may have a more life span.

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